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Dear Colleagues

As you are undoubtedly aware, the G20 Summit takes place on 2nd April and this will attract a high level of interest from various protest groups.
Moorgate will be one of four meeting points for protestors on Wednesday, 1st April and we are advised by the authorities there is a high likelihood of escalation and a hostile environment developing.

In order to mitigate the potential impact on employees during this protest, we ask you all to observe / note the following:

  • be alert to hostile reconnaissance in advance of the protests
  • cancel unnecessary meetings on this date
  • keep movement in and out of the building to a minimum
  • make certain you have your building pass with you or may not be admitted
  • consider dressing down to smart casual rather than business attire
  • for any of you who may use the building underground car park (for bikes or cars), we strongly recommend you make alternate arrangements. You should note that the lifts may be shut off at any time during the day (dependant on protest action in the vicinity) and you would neither gain entrance nor exit until security determines the threat has passed.

The over-riding emphasis should be on safety, so please use common sense should you have to exit or enter the building during the protest or if you come face-to-face with any of these protestors (who should, at some stage, move along Moorgate for a mass rally at the Bank of England).

It is also worth mentioning that some protestors may congregate around the Stock Exchange on Thursday, 2nd April, before moving off to the G20 venue (the Excel centre), so please take care if your journey / travels take you near to this location.